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imageBefore I was a parent, I unfollowed my mom friends that posted ONLY photos of their kid. I wondered is this really entertaining to anyone else?? You are clogging up my feed with photos of the same thing, every. single. day. 

I am now that one of those moms.

Being a stay at home/work at home (on weekends) parent, this is what your life revolves around. All day, every day.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so proud and elated by the cute, funny, clumsy things that my daughter does every day. Why would I NOT want to share that with the world?!?

Eating something new for lunch? Share it. A cute outfit that will otherwise be unseen because we have no play date or errand today? Share it. A backhanded photo of my clean house (with my daughter in it of course)? Share it…. You get the point.

Its not just the cuteness that we are sharing. It’s our productivity. Our frustration. Our pride. Our DAY. Because let’s face it, we have little to no adult interaction most of our days.

I can be 100% sure that someone out there that used to follow me on social media has unfollowed me since my daughter was born. I don’t care. I didn’t want to share my cute daughter with you, anyway.

I appreciate seeing my friends kids now. Love to see them grow and progress. Becoming a parent for me, is like a connection to the mommy club. I feel like I am somewhat a part of other people’s pregnancies and parenthood.

We’re all all on the same team trying to do our best. Being proud of our bellies or kiddos…

I feel bad for my former kid-free self for not knowing this. Not having such a gift to want to share with the world.

So go ahead an unfollow me. I’ll be over here cheering on my fellow parents while you post drunk selfies in the bathroom.