I am part of a few mommy groups on Facebook and I love them! I found one specifically for my area and was excited to set up a date with a (very) soon-to-be mommy and a mom of a daughter a few months older than my own daughter. Score!

Little did I know, I was sitting prey.

Prey for someone to sell me hope and dreams… That is literally how they refer to themselves, hope dealers.

Here I am being told this story about how I can stay home with my daughter and make money. PERFECT! Right??

I was not interested really, so I talked to my husband about it. Thinking he would say no and I would be rid of this individual that was now stalking me. Some mom-friend, huh?  Problem is, my husband said YES. What?? Really, ok well, I guess I will give it a go.

So the job entailed stalking my friends. Anyone I’ve ever met, really. Ask them to have parties or talk them into joining the business. Not for me. I had a couple friends who just did it as favors but nothing else.

Once I went to my second training, I realized what I was. Just someone making someone else money. No interest in being my friend. I walked into this room full of “coaches” with their teams. I saw some coaches had saved a whole row of seats or area of seats for their teams. Not mine. I walked in, was acknowledged, and then left to sit alone in the back of the room. No “hey my teams sitting over here”, “come sit with us”, nothing.

Here I am sitting alone. I had left my 3 month old daughter with my husband who didn’t know what to do with her for this?? No thank you.

I think I went to maybe one more training after that. A couple of coaching calls that went something like, “you just need to book 17 parties and get 5 new business partners. This is TOTALLY attainable”. Forget this. They say the main reason for failing in this business is because you don’t want to “work”. Correct.

Some people are wildly successful at network marketing. But at a cost. You have shown people that you’re not interested in making friends. You are the person people hide from in the grocery store. The person who gets the ignore button every time you call.

This is why it’s not for me. I am not, nor do I aspire to be that person. Mom friends are hard to come by. I would never want to be the cause of someone feeling the way I have felt in this situation. And I don’t want to lose the friends I do have because I am annoying them to buy stuff. No matter how much I actually like the product.

 You can find my product here.  … The business plan, not for me.


Disclaimer: Everything I write is of my own thoughts and opinions. As our society becomes increasingly more sensitive I want to say that my opinions is in no way meant to talk bad about you. Yes, YOU. People take others opinions so much to heart instead of realizing that there will be differing opinions for everything. Please keep in mind that I probably don’t know you. So in now way am I trying to attack you or your way of life.