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Not long after becoming a new mom, one of my best friends said something that stayed with me. She and all of my bests, have their own kids. Older kids… She had called to shoot the shit, and update me on her life, and then see how I was doing. By the end of our conversation she blurted it out. “You know I love you… But, you know, been there done that”.

I did not take offense to this whatsoever. I supply my friends with brutal honesty and I expect nothing less in return. It was then I realized, I need some new mom friends.

Nobody can replace my best friends. My four quarters. But I realize that it’s been some time since they have dealt with the things a brand new mom is dealing with. Not only can it be annoying having to answer questions of things they’ve already conquered, but a lot of things they just can’t remember. So I have my friends wracking their brains each time we talk. Not fair to them. Plus, it’s not all about me and my baby.

I searched for some local mom groups and found several on Facebook that I became a part of. I LOVE my mommy groups.¬†They make connecting with local moms in the same areas so easy.¬†There are always play dates to participate in, and if you can’t make it, WE’RE ALL MOMS! Nobody holds it against you!

I have met some local moms that we coordinate free classes with our kids so we see each other every week.

New mom friends is where it’s at. Even if you don’t talk too often, or see each other at play dates, when you see that GIF, or poster that they post on Facebook that sums up your entire being, you know they get you.


Sometimes, that’s all we need.