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I recently replied to a comment on a Facebook group about car seat position. Rear or forward facing.

The reason I commented to begin with, is because I am 100% confident in my decision, and there are so many mom bullies out there that are so quick to jump all over someone.

Case in point:





I have read all the same articles about car seat safety that everyone else has. Rear facing until 2 years of age, some even say 4 years of age. I was thinking I was in the know, like everyone else. Until my then 12 month old daughter started vomiting for no reason in the truck while we were driving. I heard her cough. I didn’t know she was vomiting. I had one of those mirrors to see her but let’s face it, you can’t glance in your rear view mirror into another mirror and process what is going on quickly enough while driving down the road. When we got to our destination I saw that she’d thrown up all over the place. Poor thing! We got cleaned up an did our thing and headed for home when again, she started throwing up. This time I also only heard a cough but was in an area where I was able to pull over and check on her.

I was thinking maybe she had a stomach bug and was happy we had a well visit scheduled for the next day. On our way to the pedi she again, vomited. No other times… Not at home, not in the store, or the park. In the vehicle.

I talked to her pediatrician and made her check for a stomach bug. When she didn’t detect any kind of bug, she asked me where in the vehicle does my daughter sit. I told her she was rear facing in the middle row on the passenger side (we have captain seats in the middle row).

Then she told me it was motion sickness and recommended I turn her forward facing. I started to argue and said “but I thought she has to be 2…” She told me it was not REQUIRED, it was only RECOMMENDED that they rear face until 2 years old. BUT if rear facing is affecting your child, as long as they are 12 months and 21 lbs it is safe to turn forward facing.

Reluctantly, I did. I turned my 1 year old forward facing. She stopped throwing up. We did what was best for us, and that is that.


I’m not writing this to change anyone’s mind about which way to face their child.


I am writing to say knock the shit off. All of it. Not just about car seats, but about anything that anyone does differently than you. You really should have so many other things to worry about. Your own life, for example.


Stop attacking other moms. WE’VE ALL READ THE ARTICLES.

As mothers, we need to go with our gut and do what is right for our own. Our job as mothers is to raise our own children. Do what works for us.

Regardless of what the mom next door says. It is so easy to tell someone they are wrong over the Internet. When we were kids, there were far less safety restrictions/advice/requirements and guess what, we are still here.

Here are some things that I do not do:

I don’t send my child to daycare

I don’t give my child formula

I don’t give my child McDonald’s or order the pizza/chicken nuggets/macaroni and cheese kids menu items at restaurants

Just because I don’t do these things, doesn’t make you wrong if you do them. And if you do or don’t, it has nothing to do with me and my life.

Let people make their own decisions, and bug off.