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My husband and I recently learned that we’ve got baby #2 on the way! We have a 19 month old daughter and one of my first thoughts was, we’ve got to get a double stroller…

I was trolling on Facebook and came across a woman selling bulk yard sale items and lo and behold, there was a double stroller in her photos. I quickly messages her to ask if she would sell it separately and she said yes. For $10! WHAT?!? $10???? I asked if it was in good condition and she said yes! I quickly told my husband to get in the truck so we could head out for it!
I know, I know, don’t buy anything until first trimester is over… But for $10, I would chance it.

We got to her yardsale area and came upon the stroller…. It’s a Graco DuoGlider, and full of mold/stains due to being stored in the woman’s shed.. Womp womp…

The woman assured us it would wash nicely and let us have it for $5… For $5 we decided to give cleaning it up a shot. And to be honest, she seemed like she really needed the $5.

We got it home and I immediately stripped it down. Unscrewed the seats and all to throw in the wash.

It came out looking exactly the same.

Ok, let’s try washing again with bleach… Same outcome.

I decided to use my tried and true stain removal mix: peroxide and dawn dish soap (2:1) scrubbed and washed again… Nothing.
I tried this a second time, because by now, I’m just insane.
To my demise, no change…

So I scoured the Internet on ways to get rid of mold and how to clean mold from a stroller. This gave me another idea to try.

The next day, I covered the area with vinegar and set out to dry in the direct sunlight on my driveway, and threw it back in the wash.

No. Freaking. Change.

Feeling defeated I decided if I cannot get the stains out, we would just give it to someone in need for free (since I know it’s clean, I’ve washed it 5 times now) an buy a different stroller.

I decided to give it one more go…

Bleach directly on the stains.
I took a cup of bleach and some q tips and went to work applying it to pretty much the whole thing. Hind sight I should have used a sponge…
I did have to re apply in some areas. I let it sit in the bleach until it looked clean.
But, it worked!!! The seats are no longer riddled with mold stains!
They don’t look brand new, but they are brighter, stain free, and look 100 times better than they started.

So this my friends, is how you remove mold stains from a stroller.

I bought a second hand double stroller for $5 and we can actually use it!



I just used the same method (using a sponge to be quicker) on my daughter’s old stroller that is dark grey, purple, teal…. I hosed down the stroller and scrubbed with a soap first and risnsed so it was wet before the bleach. Once putting on the bleach, the mold disappeared within minutes! So I would recommend just watching it on dark colors and rinse as soon as it’s gone.