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*UPDATE: Amazon has since changed their policy banning discounted or free items in exchange for review. There is still some grey area so I will leave this post and update when I am notified.*


Being a stay at home parent, I notice everything going on in my neighborhood. When I noticed my neighbor and friend seemed to be getting packages at least twice a day, I was curious to say the least. Not wanting to be nosey, I mentioned it to my husband who is friends with my neighbors husband and he said she does reviews for things.

So of course I mentioned it to her and had to get all the details!
I learned that she was getting all of this stuff for FREE or almost free, just for doing a review on the items.

First things first, you have to be an Amazon Prime member. This way you get free, faster shipping on your promo’s. If you can’t afford the $99 to sign up for Prime, they do offer a monthly payment option but you will be paying about an extra $20.

You can review all kinds of things from kids toys, kitchen stuff, phone cases, phone cords, clothes, supplements, yoga/crossfit workout stuff, sheets, adult toys and more.
It just depends on what promo’s are available.

Some of the things I have reviewed are: stretch mark cream, a personalized tank top, grill gloves(for hubby but I use them for the oven), grill mats, a stick on bra, charcoal teeth whitener, a kitchen mandolin, a selfie stick, a digital thermometer, etc…


(I just rounded some stuff up quickly to show)

There are several websites that you can register on, and Facebook groups that you can join where the promo’s are offered.

A lot of the Facebook groups require you to add all admins to your friends list, and you usually have to fill out a reviewer form with your Prime profile link so they can check your reviews. Most groups require you to do your review within 3-5 days of receiving your product. If you are late on review, you get ‘suspended’ for a period of time, depending on the group.

The more things you review, the higher score you get as a reviewer and this also invites product carriers to email you offering you their products, as well.

My favorite website is ratezon, and I am part of a few Facebook groups. I started with probably 8 groups, but it was hard for me to keep track of.
For the Facebook groups you can search: ‘Amazon review’ and it will pull up several that you can join.

These promo’s are great for the little things you need but they are full price over $10 so you’ve been putting it off. Or really, anything that catches your eye.

The majority of the things I have gotten through promo’s were free or under $2.

I did not write this post on behalf of Amazon, Facebook, or any website. Just trying to share the wealth!

Happy shopping!!