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If you’ve read my previous blog post, you know that baby #2 came early at 37+2 weeks. I think I held him for 5 min if that after he was born, and he was latched. WONDERFUL! I didn’t get the chance with my daughter because I had no idea I needed to feed her right away (and nobody told me in the hospital).

My guy was nursing like a champ and when we got home the next day, I actually had to pump because I was producing way more than his tiny tummy was taking in. This was 100% different from my daughter. It took about a week and a half for my supply to come in with her.
My tiny guy was doing great, and I was thinking we were in the clear from any tummy problems like my daughter had.

Until he was 3 weeks old… bring on the horrible gas, crying/screaming all day long.
EXACTLY the same as my daughter, who was miserable for the first 5 months of her life. I sat thinking the only common factor here, is me. My milk. Is there something wrong with my milk?? Why is it doing this to my kids? Gas drops, gripe water… nothing helping.

I took my son to see my chiropractor that I used for pregnancy (who is certified for pregnant women and children) to see if he needed adjustment. Maybe he was just misaligned and couldn’t pass the gas? She did release his ligaments in his hips and said he was very restricted. After a few times getting loosened up, he was still having issues. So I started him on a probiotic, which she said could take about a week to get his gut in order.

I went to a lactation consultant to see if it’s his latch. Is he just getting too much foremilk and it’s bothering his tummy? LC says his latch is great and suggested block feeding in case he was getting too much foremilk. I didn’t do it because I don’t want that messing with my supply.

The pediatrician suggested possibly cutting dairy and I thought, it’s worth a shot. I joined a breastfeeding dairy free group on Facebook to get some support and figure out what I was doing. Reading labels, checking for “hidden dairy”… did you know caramel color can be dairy? Who would just know that?? Anyway, I started on my dairy free diet and after 4 days I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE!! My guy has been tooting up a storm. Substantially less fussy, no crying when he’s pooping. Which has me feeling so accomplished for figuring it out, and also sad and angry for my poor daughter. I had been to the doctor several times with her. They put her on some colic medicine for stomach spasms which didn’t work. We tried colic calm, gas drops, gripe water, I made an organic fennel tea, tried chamomile tea, I bought fennel and catnip extract… NOTHING helped her. Nobody suggested that I try cutting dairy. I had no idea.
But I am in hopes to have a happy baby boy with no tummy problems.

I talked with the pediatrician yesterday and she said it is clearly the right thing to do. Baby is gaining weight, no other problems aside from dairy intolerance. She said babies usually get over their intolerance by 3 months, so to reintroduce slowly around then.

I will post progress once I’ve been dairy free for longer and post some of my favorite things to eat.
Link to my chiropractor if anyone is interested: http://www.activecarechirodoc.com/