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There’s a new rock painting trend and you’re gonna want to jump on board!

I recently came across a facebook page called Plant City “rocks”. I had no idea what it was, but since I live in Plant City, I decided to join. The group was started as an ongoing random act of kindness. By painting rocks and hiding them around our city, it’s finder gets a memento to keep or re hide for someone else to find. Therefore, creating an all-time, all people’s scavenger hunt!

Of course I had to get in on the action! I scheduled a play date with a girl friend of mine and her kids to come along with me and my daughter to go on a rock hunt.
The perfect way to get the kids (and us mommas) outside, exercising and having fun! We picked a random park and got to walking and hunting!! We spent a good two hours hunting and found 4 rocks! The kids were thrilled!! The best part about it is that EVERYONE can play! It’s not just for kids.

Obviously I had to go buy paint, rocks, brushes, etc. so we could do our own! After painting a few ourselves, I decided I needed to have a painting party for the kids so we can go hide some as well.

After researching what everyone was using to paint their rocks, this is what I bought :
20 lb bag of rocks from Lowes $7
Several colors of acrylic paints from Walmart .50 cents each
A pack of 30 paint brushes from Walmart .99 cents
Can of acrylic paint sealer $2? Walmart
And a table cloth from the $1 store


Supplies purchased at Walmart

I was going to have all the kiddos paint on my outside patio, but it was cold that morning so I spread the tablecloth on the floor and we got to work!

Another mom brought an empty egg carton for the paint colors (great idea!)


Excuse the mess. We were working with toddlers

The kids had the best time!! It was a stress reliever for us moms, too.

Paint the rocks letting them dry between coats, write your city on the back of the rock, seal the paint, and go hide them!

People are hiding in parks, at local businesses, anywhere you think someone might come across one.

We scheduled another play date to hide our rocks. By the time we’d gotten home, someone had already posted a photo that they’d found most of them!!


Hiding our rocks at Mike Sansone trail

A few local businesses have gotten in on the action as well by hosting paint parties, and creating a rock garden for the painted rocks!

Check out Uncle Mikes Smokehouse the 2nd Tuesday of each month for their painting parties where kids eat FREE!

Look on Facebook for the “Rocks” page in your area. If you can’t find one, start the rock hunt in your city!!