Random act of kindness “rocks”


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There’s a new rock painting trend and you’re gonna want to jump on board!

I recently came across a facebook page called Plant City “rocks”. I had no idea what it was, but since I live in Plant City, I decided to join. The group was started as an ongoing random act of kindness. By painting rocks and hiding them around our city, it’s finder gets a memento to keep or re hide for someone else to find. Therefore, creating an all-time, all people’s scavenger hunt!

Of course I had to get in on the action! I scheduled a play date with a girl friend of mine and her kids to come along with me and my daughter to go on a rock hunt.
The perfect way to get the kids (and us mommas) outside, exercising and having fun! We picked a random park and got to walking and hunting!! We spent a good two hours hunting and found 4 rocks! The kids were thrilled!! The best part about it is that EVERYONE can play! It’s not just for kids.

Obviously I had to go buy paint, rocks, brushes, etc. so we could do our own! After painting a few ourselves, I decided I needed to have a painting party for the kids so we can go hide some as well.

After researching what everyone was using to paint their rocks, this is what I bought :
20 lb bag of rocks from Lowes $7
Several colors of acrylic paints from Walmart .50 cents each
A pack of 30 paint brushes from Walmart .99 cents
Can of acrylic paint sealer $2? Walmart
And a table cloth from the $1 store


Supplies purchased at Walmart

I was going to have all the kiddos paint on my outside patio, but it was cold that morning so I spread the tablecloth on the floor and we got to work!

Another mom brought an empty egg carton for the paint colors (great idea!)


Excuse the mess. We were working with toddlers

The kids had the best time!! It was a stress reliever for us moms, too.

Paint the rocks letting them dry between coats, write your city on the back of the rock, seal the paint, and go hide them!

People are hiding in parks, at local businesses, anywhere you think someone might come across one.

We scheduled another play date to hide our rocks. By the time we’d gotten home, someone had already posted a photo that they’d found most of them!!


Hiding our rocks at Mike Sansone trail

A few local businesses have gotten in on the action as well by hosting paint parties, and creating a rock garden for the painted rocks!

Check out Uncle Mikes Smokehouse the 2nd Tuesday of each month for their painting parties where kids eat FREE!

Look on Facebook for the “Rocks” page in your area. If you can’t find one, start the rock hunt in your city!!

Snip, clip, burn…


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If you thought a man cold was bad….

After our second child, hubby decided he was going to get a vasectomy. I called insurance to verify it was covered and paid for, I filled out the paperwork, I scheduled the appointment. After he told me I was procrastinating on getting it done.
(Any other wives have to do EVERYTHING for their husband?)
Once I told him when the appointment was scheduled for, he says under his breath “I don’t know why I have to get snipped…”
WHAT??? He’s the one that made the decision to get it done. All him. I even asked him if this was definitely what he wanted to do in case we wanted another baby late on. But now I’m forcing him to get it done.

So, here we are on the way to his appointment. He’s saying “I’m nervous, I just don’t know what to expect…” yeah, I feel you. I gave birth twice. Once with no drugs.
We get there. He goes back and has to put on the jock strap before they start for some reason.
Meanwhile, the guy that went before him walks out all normal. “Oh I didn’t feel anything. Didn’t even smell them burning it!” I’m thinking great! This won’t be a big deal… wrong.
He worked himself up sooooooo much that he had the table drenched in sweat. My husband isn’t a big sweater. He works outside in the Florida heat. The doctor had to get him a soda (for the sugar) so he didn’t pass out. Yeah, I know… pansy.
He walks out all limpy and acting like he’s been thoroughly beaten. Hobbles to the car, and lays back in the seat. On the way home he’s telling me, “oh I felt pressure, and they had to stick a needle down there…” AGAIN, I feel you. Just gave birth with no drugs and had a needle stuck in my vagina for stitches….
We get home and he says “I’m scared to poop, it’s the same muscle…” FIRST OF ALL… is it the same muscle? No. SECOND, try taking your first poop after pushing a baby out your vagina. THAT is the same muscle, but what do I know.
Laying around all day, ok. We expected this because sure, they tell you to recline and hang out the first day. But the direction wasn’t to not move the rest of the day.
After asking me for a million things he asks me if he’s being too needy. I said yes, you are because after giving BIRTH you expect me to function at 100%. You don’t ask how I’m feeling or offer to do anything to help me. All you had was a small procedure done. I left to pick up dinner and on my way back he seemed to have changed his tune.

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that after watching me give birth twice. Once while screaming in pain because I was unmedicated, my husband STILL doesn’t think I’m a badass. After reading the articles that compare child birth pain to every bone in your body being broken at the same time, he still doesn’t think I’m a badass….

And getting a little tiny snip, clip, burn is the end of the world.

ZERO sympathy from your non-badass wife.

My dairy free breastfeeding journey part 1


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If you’ve read my previous blog post, you know that baby #2 came early at 37+2 weeks. I think I held him for 5 min if that after he was born, and he was latched. WONDERFUL! I didn’t get the chance with my daughter because I had no idea I needed to feed her right away (and nobody told me in the hospital).

My guy was nursing like a champ and when we got home the next day, I actually had to pump because I was producing way more than his tiny tummy was taking in. This was 100% different from my daughter. It took about a week and a half for my supply to come in with her.
My tiny guy was doing great, and I was thinking we were in the clear from any tummy problems like my daughter had.

Until he was 3 weeks old… bring on the horrible gas, crying/screaming all day long.
EXACTLY the same as my daughter, who was miserable for the first 5 months of her life. I sat thinking the only common factor here, is me. My milk. Is there something wrong with my milk?? Why is it doing this to my kids? Gas drops, gripe water… nothing helping.

I took my son to see my chiropractor that I used for pregnancy (who is certified for pregnant women and children) to see if he needed adjustment. Maybe he was just misaligned and couldn’t pass the gas? She did release his ligaments in his hips and said he was very restricted. After a few times getting loosened up, he was still having issues. So I started him on a probiotic, which she said could take about a week to get his gut in order.

I went to a lactation consultant to see if it’s his latch. Is he just getting too much foremilk and it’s bothering his tummy? LC says his latch is great and suggested block feeding in case he was getting too much foremilk. I didn’t do it because I don’t want that messing with my supply.

The pediatrician suggested possibly cutting dairy and I thought, it’s worth a shot. I joined a breastfeeding dairy free group on Facebook to get some support and figure out what I was doing. Reading labels, checking for “hidden dairy”… did you know caramel color can be dairy? Who would just know that?? Anyway, I started on my dairy free diet and after 4 days I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE!! My guy has been tooting up a storm. Substantially less fussy, no crying when he’s pooping. Which has me feeling so accomplished for figuring it out, and also sad and angry for my poor daughter. I had been to the doctor several times with her. They put her on some colic medicine for stomach spasms which didn’t work. We tried colic calm, gas drops, gripe water, I made an organic fennel tea, tried chamomile tea, I bought fennel and catnip extract… NOTHING helped her. Nobody suggested that I try cutting dairy. I had no idea.
But I am in hopes to have a happy baby boy with no tummy problems.

I talked with the pediatrician yesterday and she said it is clearly the right thing to do. Baby is gaining weight, no other problems aside from dairy intolerance. She said babies usually get over their intolerance by 3 months, so to reintroduce slowly around then.

I will post progress once I’ve been dairy free for longer and post some of my favorite things to eat.
Link to my chiropractor if anyone is interested: http://www.activecarechirodoc.com/

Baby Stetson’s birth story.


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As I was nearing week 37, I had a feeling that this baby would be very similar to my first babe. Boy was I right!
I had done some reading on how eating 6 dates a day in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy helps with an easier and faster birth. So at week 36, I started eating them… only they taste gross so I could get 3-4 down before gagging. I can’t say for sure if they had a hand in what came next.

Two days before I hit week 37, I started losing part of my mucus plug. This happened with my daughter about a week before I had her, so I knew it would be soon. On the day I hit 37 weeks, I started with pinkish, blood streaked mucus and I thought ok, well I guess a week is out. It’ll be the next couple of days. So I called my husband to let him know it could be any time since he was working. And let my girlfriends know that it would be soon so they should be ready.
The next day, 37+1, I had my OB appointment and was 3cm dilated. By the time I got home from running a couple errands, I used the restroom and had straight blood. This is it, I knew I would be going into labor that night. I vacuumed and cleaned my floors, got every dish washed in the house, made sure the car seat was put back together (from washing) and ready to go, checked my hospital bag one more time… and relaxed.
We ended up getting take out because I didn’t want to dirty dishes (that were for once, ALL washed). We ended up eating kind of late so by the time we went to bed, it was about 10. My daughter wanted to watch Cinderella so it was about 10:30 when I turned off the tv to go to sleep myself.
Here starts contractions right around then. They weren’t intense at all but I decided to count them to be safe. Not even 1 minute long… I was going to sleep.
I woke up at 12 midnight with some pretty painful contractions, so I turned my timer back on and it said I was 4 min apart. I didn’t believe it, so I waited… stronger and stronger to the point I was sweating profusely from the pain, I got up, woke my husband and told him I’m going to take a quick shower, call the doctor and it’s going to be time to go.
So I jump in the shower, call the doc who is amazed I haven’t gotten to the hospital yet, and he said he’d meet us there. Of course I still had to get my makeup, toothbrush and tooth paste (why I didn’t do this yesterday is beyond me) and hubby had to wake our daughter to get her dressed.
Off we go to the hospital.. it had just rained so I told my husband he didn’t need to drive fast. We got about 3 miles from the hospital and I said you need to get us there NOW. We check in with security and I get to the room. Immediately change into a gown which I almost immediately threw back off because I was so hot. The doctor checked me as soon as I hit the bed and I was 8cm, 100% effaced and he said my water was ready to break any minute. First thing I asked for was epidural… and guess what. TOO LATE! They didn’t even have time to get my platelet count checked before my guy came.
I was not mentally prepared for this but I had been saying I wanted to “try” without epidural this time.
I’m laying there in so much pain. Breathing, feeling like I needed to get up, or squeeze something or I don’t know what.. just something. The doctor said “let me know if you feel like you need to push” and I said “I don’t know…” thinking is this really about to happen??? And then I yelled “I NEED TO PUSH!” As soon as I rolled to my back, my water broke and splashed everywhere. The doctor ducked out of the way just in time and then they removed the bottom of the bed an he said “ok next contraction, push.. ” I was thinking I’m not ready, but I had to push. So here I have a couple nurses putting up these leg holder things (I didn’t use with my daughter) and they tell me I need to use the oxygen when each contraction was over because the baby’s heart rate was dropping from my non breathing self panting in pain. Once I felt like I had it together I grabbed my legs and got to pushing (Which all happened in a matter of 1 minute).
I pushed once (yes, I pooped. I felt it and I didn’t care) and doc said 1-2 more an he’s here.. I was thinking OK, I CAN do this… so I gave what I thought was 2 more (I think it only counted as 1 Bc I was still having a contraction) and I felt like I could NOT do it anymore. “I can’t!!!” I yelled, but everyone assured me that I could. After one or a couple more pushes, all I could feel was the doctors hand up my butt! So I yelled “that hurts my butt!” And gave everyone a good laugh… it makes sense to help pull out baby’s head, but seriously… who knew they do that?? NOT ME.
Finally his head was out and it was a big relief. The cord was wrapped around my babes neck, so the doctor had to cut it immediately and they suctioned the baby. Then I think he just pulled baby out, or maybe had me push one more time after a break and then pulled him. But once I felt his shoulders come out, I felt so much relief. It was all over. I actually did it. No medication, just me. The doctor just let the contractions push out the placenta and then he just had to stitch up a small tear (I felt it when it ripped but it was NOTHING compared to pushing a baby out).
After they brought my babe to the table I noticed he wasn’t crying so I asked “why isn’t he crying????” The nurse told me he was just in shock from such a quick birth. Nobody told me the cord had been around his neck until later. There were 2 what looked like paramedics come in and had to pump oxygen to him (I didn’t see Bc they were standing in the way) I told my husband to go over but he said he’d be in the way.
I finally got to hold my guy what seemed like 20 min later.. I really don’t know how long it took. But he was OK, and he started nursing almost right away. Tiny little guy. They handed him to me and I asked how much did he weigh? Because he just looked so, so tiny. They hadn’t gotten his weight yet, because they wanted to give him right to me.
The crazy part is, my entire second birth lasted about 15 minutes. Hubby said I pushed about 4 times but I felt like it was 255344468855.
When I had the epidural with my daughter, when I was done giving birth I was in A LOT of pain. Could barely walk for at least a week. My vagina stayed so swollen it was unrecognizable. Without the epidural, the pain was gone when the baby was out. My body shook for probably 30 minutes afterwards from the adrenaline. That’s about it. I was fine to walk, I took I think 3 ibuprofen. One right after birth, one for a headache and one for cramps.
We are done having kids, but I am happy to say I got to do what I wanted (only because of time constraints, let’s be real) but I did it.
The doctor did yell at me for waiting so long but I said well if I’d come earlier I would have got the epidural(Depending on my platelet count)!
Anyway, we got to go home the next day with our beautiful baby boy, and we are both doing well. 🙂

How to remove rust stains left in your bathroom from well water


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The very first house I rented as a 25 year old single woman had well water.
This was my first experience having/using/cleaning with well water.
I am sad to say, I had no clue what I was doing. I cleaned the toilet every day, the shower once a week. Yet the toilet had calcified, brown/orange stains that would NOT come out and the grout in the shower stayed orange. I always cleaned with bleach and even tried a bleach pen for the grout. This worked every other place I had lived… But not on well water.
I remember taking a butter knife and scraping away the calcification in the toilet to try and get it clean because it was so embarrassing having people use my bathroom and the toilet was perpetually dirty looking.

Fast forward to 30 years old, I am married and my husband and I are homeowners. Our house has well water…
So again I’m over here cleaning and cleaning…. Still. Getting. Orange. I’m thinking how in heavens am I supposed to get this clean… Why isn’t bleach working????


Once I learned this, I rushed out to get what I needed!

A cleaner with HYDROCHLORIC ACID as the active ingredient.


I found this 2 pack of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for $3.33 at Walmart.


There was a Lysol specifically for rust, but why pay more when I just need the one ingredient. Just a heads up, this kind smells like Bengay. So if you don’t care for that smell, I suggest you try a different scent.
I got home and went to work.
I did not take a photo of our toilets because they were seriously embarrassing. My husband was talking about buying new toilets, they were that bad.
BUT…. After using it in the toilets, they look like BRAND NEW. I’m not even kidding.

After taking care of the toilets, I started out by squirting some of the cleaner on the grout in the shower. It dripped down and when I came back after about 10 min, it was clear that I had a bigger problem than I’d thought! There were just drips of clean tile…

I squirted more on the walls and tub and brushed it with a cleaning brush to spread everywhere. It worked but still missed a lot. So I squirted the cleaner on a sponge and wiped it on the remainder of the wall and tub.

(Before and after)

The bathroom looks like we just moved in to a brand new house!

I am so happy I found the solution and I feel pretty stupid for not having figured it out sooner.

I hope this helps anyone else who was as desperate as I was to get this CLEANED!!

10 reasons why I am always late


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Anyone who knows me, knows that I am pretty much always late. Unless it is a doctors appointment or something important, you can expect me to roll in 20-30 minutes late to everything. As a mom of a toddler, our days are busy. If we schedule other things, it just seems to mess us up. So in no particular order, here are 10 reasons why I am always late:

1. My toddler refused to let me dress her because she can do it herself. 15 minutes of putting both legs into the same shorts hole upside down, 10 more minutes trying to get her head through an arm hole… Ya know, she can do it herself.

2. I can’t get my own shit together. Nope, I’m still in my underwear. Why wear clothes when it just gives me more to wash later on?

3. I have too much to do. There is ALWAYS laundry, cleaning, errands I have popping up… My husband calls, “‘oh, you’re about to leave on time to do something?’ Well I need you to do this…”

4. I don’t really want to go. I’ll piddle around and hope to forget about it on purpose, but I don’t forget so now we have to hurry up and get ready to go.

5. I really DID forget. Not on purpose…

6. My daughter insists on getting herself into the truck and buckled into her seat. Only once she gets up, she sees the water bottle from yesterday that she NEEDS or the socks she took off that she MUST have before sitting down.

7. We were on time, but my daughter fell asleep in the truck 5 minutes before getting there. So now we are sitting in the truck, napping it out. EVERY. TIME.

8. It’s raining. I live in Florida, no explanation needed.

9. I stopped at Starbucks on the way.

10. I forgot to pack snacks/waters so I am doing it at the last minute.
What else would you add to the list?

How to get FREE or heavily discounted items on Amazon


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*UPDATE: Amazon has since changed their policy banning discounted or free items in exchange for review. There is still some grey area so I will leave this post and update when I am notified.*


Being a stay at home parent, I notice everything going on in my neighborhood. When I noticed my neighbor and friend seemed to be getting packages at least twice a day, I was curious to say the least. Not wanting to be nosey, I mentioned it to my husband who is friends with my neighbors husband and he said she does reviews for things.

So of course I mentioned it to her and had to get all the details!
I learned that she was getting all of this stuff for FREE or almost free, just for doing a review on the items.

First things first, you have to be an Amazon Prime member. This way you get free, faster shipping on your promo’s. If you can’t afford the $99 to sign up for Prime, they do offer a monthly payment option but you will be paying about an extra $20.

You can review all kinds of things from kids toys, kitchen stuff, phone cases, phone cords, clothes, supplements, yoga/crossfit workout stuff, sheets, adult toys and more.
It just depends on what promo’s are available.

Some of the things I have reviewed are: stretch mark cream, a personalized tank top, grill gloves(for hubby but I use them for the oven), grill mats, a stick on bra, charcoal teeth whitener, a kitchen mandolin, a selfie stick, a digital thermometer, etc…


(I just rounded some stuff up quickly to show)

There are several websites that you can register on, and Facebook groups that you can join where the promo’s are offered.

A lot of the Facebook groups require you to add all admins to your friends list, and you usually have to fill out a reviewer form with your Prime profile link so they can check your reviews. Most groups require you to do your review within 3-5 days of receiving your product. If you are late on review, you get ‘suspended’ for a period of time, depending on the group.

The more things you review, the higher score you get as a reviewer and this also invites product carriers to email you offering you their products, as well.

My favorite website is ratezon, and I am part of a few Facebook groups. I started with probably 8 groups, but it was hard for me to keep track of.
For the Facebook groups you can search: ‘Amazon review’ and it will pull up several that you can join.

These promo’s are great for the little things you need but they are full price over $10 so you’ve been putting it off. Or really, anything that catches your eye.

The majority of the things I have gotten through promo’s were free or under $2.

I did not write this post on behalf of Amazon, Facebook, or any website. Just trying to share the wealth!

Happy shopping!!

Trying to hold on to non-mommy friends


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We all have them. Bffs that we used to share so much time with, but when we became moms we didn’t even get a phone call from.

This has bothered me for a very long while, now. After all, my daughter is about to be 2 years old. I have tried making plans, only to get cancelled on at the last minute, been the first to call or text. I am always trying to check on those “friends” but do they check on me? Nope.

Those who don’t have kids… They just seem to fade into the background. Not for lack of trying on my part. We somehow went from being great friends to just Facebook friends.

I have luckily made lots of new mommy friends along with my bffs who were already parents. Even if we don’t see each other for a while, we know it is just because life happens and no other hidden reason.

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I let the old friends bother me so much. They’ve gone on with their lives and so have I. I just didn’t think our lives would be without each other. It’s hard to lose friends. Even though there was no big blow out fight, or real reason for it, I have finally realized that we aren’t friends anymore. They’ll give a photo on Facebook a “like” to make it look like they still care. And maybe they’ve wondered why I have stopped trying to make plans or call or text.

I’ve recently decided it’s just not worth it. To try and force conversation from someone, make plans only to be cancelled on…

None of it is worth my time anymore.

So to my “friends” that aren’t really my friends anymore, I still love you. But friendship is not one-sided. And I have finally come to grips with that.


Cold turkey weaning


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I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 20 months now.

I figured I would just let her decide when she was ready and then we would wean. I say we, because this is a partnership that we’ve both learned and grown together in. It makes me so emotional to even think about weaning.
However, I recently discovered I am pregnant with baby number 2. While I know that nursing through pregnancy is entirely possible, (thanks to all of the breastfeeding forums I am a part of) I decided it would be best for me to wean my daughter as soon as possible. To give myself a break. So I’m not breastfeeding for 3 years straight. Because it HURTS now.

I read a million blogs and articles and talked to all of my friends who have already been in my shoes for one reason or another. I tried to come up with a plan to gradually wean. Cut back on feedings, etc. My daughter is at the point where she nurses when she wakes up, maybe once or twice in the day, and then to sleep. I read that night weaning first would be easier. I read to put lemon juice on your nipples to yuck up the taste…

Gradual didn’t work for us. I was about to try the lemon juice thing when the worst happened.
My daughter fell asleep on the boobie and for some reason got lock jaw and bit through the skin. Yep…
Not all the way through. It wasn’t a massacre to my nipple, but it drew blood and remained painful to nurse.
So painful I had to deny her the boobie.

So here it starts. We are cold turkey weaning.

The first day she was a little confused but I told her mommas boobies hurt so I can’t give you any.
At night we got a sippy cup with a soft mouth piece and some milk for her. She did ok! She woke up a few times and rooted around but when she didn’t find any boobie (I usually sleep topless so she can find easily) she rolled over an went back to sleep.

Score! I’m thinking we’re in the clear… Until the next day, my baby got hurt. All she wanted was a boobie and nothing else could make it better, comfort her. She cried and cried, and I did too because she just couldn’t understand why she can’t have boobie when she’s hurt. I ended up having to hand her to daddy and he was able to get her to sleep. My poor baby.
This does tell me that she really only nurses for comfort anymore. Which I was ok with.. I love to comfort my daughter.

I am now dealing with incredibly painful engorged breasts, which none of the blogs or articles I read had addressed. So it is painful for the both of us. I am sitting here in fear of mastitis and blocking anything from touching these gigantic things all day. I now know what I would look like with breast implants…
I am hoping that it doesn’t last too long, but will log the days. After all, I am on day 2 of cold turkey weaning.


Day 3: My boobs are not as engorged or sore. My daughter had a rough day. Every little thing is making her upset and cry, which makes me feel like the worst person in the world. She asked to nurse a couple of times but I offered her a cup of something else and she was ok with it.
Night time is almost perfect. She lays down with her milk, we read stories and I tell her to lay down an go to sleep. She barley wakes at night anymore. When we were nursing she would wake 2-3 times a night to nurse which resulted in not much sleep for me. So we are all getting better sleep!

Day4: she still asked to nurse when she woke up, but is learning that if I tell her “no boobie”, she will get a cup to drink from and she loves having big girl cups.

No crying or meltdowns today so far!
I have noticed she is eating a lot more food. I didn’t think she was really getting nourishment besides something to drink when nursing but this is proving to be incorrect.

Day 5: still asking to nurse when she wakes. We are getting pretty good with getting right up in the mornings to get her a drink. I miss my morning snuggle times. She asked to nurse several times today when she was tired and she refused to nap all day… It was rough for us both. She cried and whined all day, but that is what happens when they’re tired, right? Luckily she went to bed quickly and was out for the night.
My boobs are still not empty but they are 100% better than they started on day 2.


It’s looking like this will be easier than I anticipated. Really, the outcome of day 5 is what I expected every day.

Note: to prevent any clogged ducts or other problems (I was terrified of mastitis) I took hot hot shower twice a day and massaged my breasts to work the hard areas out.

How to effectively remove mold/mildew from a stroller


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My husband and I recently learned that we’ve got baby #2 on the way! We have a 19 month old daughter and one of my first thoughts was, we’ve got to get a double stroller…

I was trolling on Facebook and came across a woman selling bulk yard sale items and lo and behold, there was a double stroller in her photos. I quickly messages her to ask if she would sell it separately and she said yes. For $10! WHAT?!? $10???? I asked if it was in good condition and she said yes! I quickly told my husband to get in the truck so we could head out for it!
I know, I know, don’t buy anything until first trimester is over… But for $10, I would chance it.

We got to her yardsale area and came upon the stroller…. It’s a Graco DuoGlider, and full of mold/stains due to being stored in the woman’s shed.. Womp womp…

The woman assured us it would wash nicely and let us have it for $5… For $5 we decided to give cleaning it up a shot. And to be honest, she seemed like she really needed the $5.

We got it home and I immediately stripped it down. Unscrewed the seats and all to throw in the wash.

It came out looking exactly the same.

Ok, let’s try washing again with bleach… Same outcome.

I decided to use my tried and true stain removal mix: peroxide and dawn dish soap (2:1) scrubbed and washed again… Nothing.
I tried this a second time, because by now, I’m just insane.
To my demise, no change…

So I scoured the Internet on ways to get rid of mold and how to clean mold from a stroller. This gave me another idea to try.

The next day, I covered the area with vinegar and set out to dry in the direct sunlight on my driveway, and threw it back in the wash.

No. Freaking. Change.

Feeling defeated I decided if I cannot get the stains out, we would just give it to someone in need for free (since I know it’s clean, I’ve washed it 5 times now) an buy a different stroller.

I decided to give it one more go…

Bleach directly on the stains.
I took a cup of bleach and some q tips and went to work applying it to pretty much the whole thing. Hind sight I should have used a sponge…
I did have to re apply in some areas. I let it sit in the bleach until it looked clean.
But, it worked!!! The seats are no longer riddled with mold stains!
They don’t look brand new, but they are brighter, stain free, and look 100 times better than they started.

So this my friends, is how you remove mold stains from a stroller.

I bought a second hand double stroller for $5 and we can actually use it!



I just used the same method (using a sponge to be quicker) on my daughter’s old stroller that is dark grey, purple, teal…. I hosed down the stroller and scrubbed with a soap first and risnsed so it was wet before the bleach. Once putting on the bleach, the mold disappeared within minutes! So I would recommend just watching it on dark colors and rinse as soon as it’s gone.